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Ninety years ago, Frank Hannon opened a small electrical shop in Canton, Ohio. This region is well known for its clay, coal and limestone resources, as well as its brick, rubber and steel industries. F.R. Hannon & Sons was the trade name established to help serve these local industries. The company’s products and services evolved in to what is known around the world today as Hanco International.

In 1947, Hanco’s founders worked to engineer and manufacture the very first commercial testing unit for a local utility company. This first tester would accurately test up to ten gloves at a time for any flaws or holes that may put workers at risk. With a few rubber goods manufacturers in a close proximity to their shop, they were continually approached to further engineer and manufacture more styles of testing units, until they successfully met the needs with a complete line of testers. Being a pioneer in this field, Hanco was involved in helping to write the original ASTM Standards.

In 1961, Frank’s son, Thomas Hannon, patented the Flux-Power Screen Heating System and the method associated with it, along with innovating a clamp bar to assure better results. Electrically heated screens allow for accurate sizing of aggregates and raw materials in a variety of industries.

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Thomas W. Hannon



Today, Hanco International products are sold and serviced throughout the world. Our global reputation stands for pioneering innovation, superior quality, value and unparalleled service.


Hanco International, a division of the Hannon Company, has been a trusted supplier to power companies, telephone companies, independent test labs, rubber goods manufacturers, brick and tile manufacturers, sizing screen OEM's and the mining and aggregate industries for more than 70 years.

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