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Rubber Goods Cleaning Products

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Hanco Formula 515 Liquid Cleaner

Available in:

  • Box of (4) one gallon jugs (40 lbs.)

       $120.00  ($30.00 / gallon)

  • Five gallon pails (47 lbs.)

      $125.00  ($25.00 / gallon)

  • 55 gallon drums (540 lbs.)

       $935.00  ($17.00 / gallon)

Hanco Formula 516 Coating Beads

Available in:

  • 10 lb. 2 gallon pails (12 lbs.)

       $100.00  ($10.00 / pound)

  • 30 lb. 6 gallon pails (33 lbs.)

       $225.00  ($7.50 / pound)

The Formula 515 cleaner is an excellent cleaning agent, rinses thoroughly and does not leave a residue on the rubber. The Formula 516 coating beads remove surface tension and eliminate static electricity from the rubber which aides in a quieter electrical test and keeps the rubber goods from sticking together and eliminates the need for talc.

We do not recommend the use of consumer laundry products (i.e. Tide, All, Ivory Snow, etc.) for cleaning insulated rubber protective equipment.

All consumer laundry detergents are designed to clean with abrasive surfactants. Fabrics are cleaned by gently being scrubbed with the abrasive surfactant to remove dirt and stains from the fiber. They do this well, but as a result of this scrubbing action lint is produced, which is fiber torn form fabric. The same action takes place on the surface of natural rubber goods.

Rubber gloves are treated by the manufacturers with a chlorinated process which seals the pores of the natural rubber and results in sleek, shiny finishes.

By using a powdered laundry detergent, this seal is gradually, abrasively scrubbed off which opens the pores in the natural rubber and creates a tacky or sticky feeling on the surface of the rubber.

This same action will take place in the field due to rubbing the exposed areas of the gauntlet as well as by the protectors themselves, which will abrade the rubber by moving against it while working.

Premature degradation in the lab can be eliminated by using a liquid rubber cleaner which is designed and formulated to clean by dissolving dirt instead of scrubbing it from surfaces.

Damage created in the field, which is a normal result of usage, can be repaired in the lab by using silicon beads which dissolve in the final rinse cycle of the wash and re-seal any open pores in the natural rubber. The result is that the equipment maintains a sleek and shiny surface as well as enjoying an extended product life cycle.

We offer both products to assist you in these matters!

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