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Electrical Insulating Blanket Drying Cart


  • Hang up to 10 Blankets on each cart

  • Locking Phenolic wheels for easy transport

  • Small 32” x 44” profile to save on lab space

  • Preset hanging locations for 36” or 22” Blankets

  • Made Entirely of Stainless Steel, Aluminum, and PVC to avoid any erosion

  • Sturdy to withstand the weight of wet blankets

  • Balanced to avoid tipping

  • Glove height placement bands to control glove depth

  • Made of 12 gauge steel and comes with 3 bladders

  • 22" Height Adjustment

New Products

  • Meets ASTM Standards and is CE marked for all markets

  • Newly engineered bladder compound

  • Adjustable, rubber-lined sizing rings
    (to protect gloves and increase the bladder longevity)

  • 360° continuous rotation

  • Inflate any size, class, or style of glove


Hanco Glove Inflator

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